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Sheriff Trevor Place


Fellow citizens of Harrison County,


Spring is here and warm weather is upon us.  As many of you know spring brings lots of activity in the rural area from farmers to fishermen.  Things to expect in rural Harrison County are farmers with large machinery, spring calves and controlled burns. Most times these things do not cause issues for those who reside in our fair county.  However, if you encounter a farmer moving large machinery from field to field, slow down and give them time, drive cautiously looking for calves or their mamas that may have wandered out of their enclosure, and if conducting a controlled burn, call in to the Communications Center to let us know the location. 

In April we celebrate national telecommunications week (9th -15th) so be sure to thank a dispatcher and let them know how much they are appreciated, they are often the unseen hero who take the initial call when someone finds themselves needing police, fire, or EMS services. 

Again, we would like to thank you for visiting our website and hope that you have a fun and safe spring season.


Best wishes,

Trevor Place   - Harrison County Sheriff