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History of the Sheriff’s Office

John W. Brown 1845-1846 Henry Fuller 1846-1848
W.R. Allen 1848-1852 M.K. Howell 1852-1856
J.P. Devers 1856-1860 Thomas Monson 1860-1862
W.H. Hillman 1862-1866 W.R. Simms 1866-1870
J.C. Baker 1870-1872 George Graham 1872-1876
T.J. Garrison 1876-1878 George Graham 1878-1882
M.C. Gillidett 1882-1886 W.H. Gillespie 1886-1890
J.M. Nevill 1890-1894 J.A. Walker 1894-1898
J.W. Severe 1898-1902 A.H. Flint 1902-1906
R.B. Tedlock 1916-1920 Fred Tucker 1920-1924
J.B. Manifold 1924-1928 Bert Hogan 1928-1932
Harry Webb 1932-1936 H.L. McCollum 1936-1940
Fred Daily 1940-1944 Chris Tripp 1944-1948
Fred Daily 1948-1952 Melvin Smith 1952-1960
Don Stockwell 1960-1972 Melvin Smith 1972-1976
Leon Riggs 1976-1984 John Findley 1985-1988
George Martz 1989-1996 Richard Stratton 1997-2000
Rick Dierenfeldt 2001-2004 George Martz 2005-2012
Josh Eckerson 2013 to 2020 Trevor Place 2020-Present

At the February term, 1847, the County Court let a contract to build a jail on the northwest corner of the square. It was used until 1860 when a more secured prison was built. The first jail was built by John and Clem Oatman. The building was two stories high, sixteen feet square, and the walls consisted of two thicknesses of hewn solid oak logs, 12 inches square. Each story was eight feet high. It was placed into service Sept. 1, 1847.

The second jail was a substantial structure which still stands today one block south of the square on 15th street. Work was begun in 1861 on the $8,000.00 contract, but due to the civil war was not completed until 1864. The jail was 22 feet square, two stories high, and was built from large dressed stone weighing from one to two tons each. In 1875, strong iron cells were put in at a cost of $2,400.00 to prevent the prisoners from loosening the stones. The jailer's residence adjoined the jail on the south. It was 15 by 30 feet in size and was built of brick.

The Harrison County court house was built in 1939. The jail was built on the third floor of the court house. At the time it was considered one of the most secured jails in the area. The current jail was built in 2003 and houses 42 inmates and the sheriff's office, Bethany Police Department and Probation and Parole is located on the first floor. The jail is in the basement and houses prisoners for the Harrison County Sheriff's Office and the Gentry County Sheriff's Office.